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005 [SWS] Estimating Your Income So You Can Earn More

Are you working too hard for too little? It's a common problem that high-income professionals discover too late; they don't have enough for retirement. Without an accurate target income, you could be working harder than necessary.

Setting Target Income: How to Know How Much To Earn To Reach Every Goal and Desire?

Pay close attention if you want more from your retirement and the confidence of knowing you're earning enough. Do this before spending your adult life working for someone else's wealth!

Knowing your target income reaches your financial goals helps you focus on the right opportunities. That means, “How much are your minimum earnings to set aside enough in today's dollars to reach retirement goals?

Ask These Critical Questions About Your Target Income Necessary to Achieve It

What about financial needs beyond retirement? The right income target helps you set aside income for children's college, necessary home repairs, or vacations. Do you need to earn $100,000, even $200,000, or more?

When you know how much earning is necessary, you can choose one occupation instead of another. That's what today's podcast is about, knowing your correct target income.

Common income mistakes you must avoid to earn enough. Making any of these mistakes eats valuable earnings no matter how much you earn.

  • Working too hard for too little,
  • An opportunity that doesn't pay what you need,
  • Staying too long in a position that won't pay out,
  • Burning yourself out beyond your need,
  • Assuming you are earning enough,
  • Not taking taxes into account,
  • Failure to set aside reserve funds now,
  • Ignoring charitable opportunities,
  • A single stream of income,
  • Doubting your ability to earn,
  • Not turning earnings into net worth,
  • Spending more than you make,
  • Losing money to debt and liability,
  • Underestimating future needs,

Knowing how to estimate your necessary earnings, you can be ready for retirement in today's dollars. An accurate income goal is a fundamental concept.

What Do You Need to Earn to Save A Million Dollars? In Today's Dollars

If you need $1,000,000.00 in 30 years, you can calculate how much to save a month starting today. It's only $935.55 a month if you can earn a 6% return if were wondering.

Most employees have half the buying power after five years in any job. Knowing your target income helps you move along rather than having buying power eaten by inflation.

A clear target income isn't about being greedy. Instead, by establishing an income target, you give yourself a goal and can make decisions that help you achieve it.

Contact my offices if you have an immediate need around calculating your target income to reach goals or financial security. And ask questions about how to transform that income into net worth.


Estimating Your Income So You Can Earn More (YouTube, 20:42)
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