Do This To STOP Being A Fraud Victim

If you have money then fraudsters are lurking around every corner. You could turn to fancy insurance, hide your money in difficult to find places, or do this one thing to prevent fraud.

The Cheapest Fraud Insurance You Don't Have to Buy

The truth is “More wealth, more people trying to take it.” From the Government Tax Collectors, to Common Thieves, and even sophisticated Sales People, everyone wants what you have. How to protect your money?

This isn't the easy way, yet you will protect yourself and know more about how your money is working for you. Whether you are protecting yourself from embezzlement, identity theft, or sneaky conmen, this method always works well.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • One thing that prevents fraud before it can start,
  • How to know if someone is stealing from you,
  • Unusual ways to plug financial leaks that steal income,
  • A system to protect income steams from fraud,

Billions of dollars each year disappear from high income professionals into the pockets of swindlers. You must take decisive action to stop embezzlement, wastefulness, and cheating that makes you struggle.

Protect your hard earned money. Use this episode to audit your accounting, bookkeeping, and tax professionals. You have this kind of professional support, don't you?

Join us for more insights that help you keep more of the money you earn while cultivating high net work, Members enjoy tailored insights that protect your financial interests while increasing your net worth.


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Justin Hitt
A business analyst and publisher. Had $250,000 in his retirement by age 25 while losing it all in the bubble. Invested more than $575,000 in the expense of experience that showed him what works for increasing net worth. Discovered value of actually listening to mentors.