017 [SWS] Power Negotiations That Get You Paid

The smart buyer makes money when they purchase rather than saving it. Buying the greatest value produces you more than lowering your costs. The secret is your skills to negotiate in a way that gets you paid.

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You set yourself up for results in how you negotiate. It's powerful to get paid what you are worth, to get more from every purchase, and all the right deals. Negotiation is powerful.

  • What to put on the table to make a negotiation work for you,
  • How to approach money disputes or conflicts about getting paid,
  • The one thing you want in a money negotiation that you can get,
  • Secrets of getting started the right way to save huge headaches,
  • A strategy for negotiating terms in contracts or agreements,

In this episode, you'll discover the key to reduce the frustration that sucks money in the future. How do you can keep more of the wealth you've built by understanding the structure, communication, and presentation of deals.

Why is it important to get paid? You won't get to wealth working for free. Nothing in life is worth wasting your time, effort, and resources. These negotiating insights help you focus.

You get insights from years of experience. Including how to set up negotiations so that you can come to an agreement upfront. Do this to get a better hand in any settlement, dispute, or negotiation.

What are your questions about negotiating? Do you need help with the research necessary to set up a negotiation, preparing for a legal case, or finishing the paperwork to settle a dispute? Contact my office with your questions.


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Justin Hitt
A business analyst and publisher. Had $250,000 in his retirement by age 25 while losing it all in the dot.com bubble. Invested more than $575,000 in the expense of experience that showed him what works for increasing net worth. Discovered value of actually listening to mentors.