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They Laughed At Me When I Was Dead Broke Sleeping On My Brothers Couch But Not Today

Down-and-out, more than a quarter million in debt after my business failed in the crash. Homeless sleeping on my brother?s floor, then later their couch. But now I have a 736-credit score, rental properties, and rebuilt my retirement.

One thing I learned is you can be making hundreds of thousands each year, then nothing in a turn of the market. How did a dead broke professional go from high income to homeless then back to high income again?

“A Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted”

They laughed because I was a 20-something computer consultant making $98,000.00 a year in 1996, yet lost it all by 2000. Left with more than a quarter million in debt, I paid $54,000.00 a year for five years to still owe $233,000 when I went bankrupt.

From high-flying geek stud to big fat dud! Even while helping business development clients produce more than $52,000,000.00 during the 2000 recession alone. Yet through naive deals and habits, I didn't have a dime to show for my efforts.

One thing I wanted more than ever is to NEVER go from top earnings to zero. When I was young I got screwed out of millions in fees, even lost money to clients to didn't pay for services delivered. And I was arrogant enough to attract the wrong kind of clients.

I got laid off of high income contentment employment opportunities, then turned around to be hired as a consultant for the same firms. There were times when I collected two or three paychecks to prevent ever going broke again.

In some ways I did this all wrong. I stayed up around the clock burning the midnight oil. When I lost it all I even listened to family members to get a “regular” job. After more than 300 interviews in a year Wal*Mart, Target, and Taco Bell didn't even hire me.

It was after the — maybe the big money I was earning was because of the technology boom. Not because I had technical skills that were highly valued in the marketplace. The lies people tell themselves out of ignorance of situation.

Most American's Are Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 1 in 3 Americans couldn?t come up with $2,000 for an emergency. Even high-income professionals and entrepreneurs who make big bucks secretly suffer from this same problem.

Discover simple insights that help you grow your net worthwhile boosting cash flow. Quickly receive help from my expense of experience, how I went from a 20-something bankrupt entrepreneur to earnings in the top 10% of Americans.

Over the years I've mentored a few hundred individuals into high income position, entrepreneurial successes, and sustainable wealth. A client who was only making $400 a month in a business of his own went to $10,000 a month in only 18-months.

Another client recovered $10 million dollars in cost overages in under 12-months while solving certain charge back issues which made the business cash positive. It helps I was managing a $35 million dollar portfolio, but the cash management models were at any scale.

Typical results may vary. My sweet spot is helping owners of million dollar plus businesses, highly skilled professionals earning six figures, and entrepreneurs in the consulting world providing independent services.

Keep More of Your High Income Working For You

Doesn't it suck to make big money only to lose most of it to taxes. What about that frustration of being thrifty yet having to borrow for a minor home repair. And what about those lousy promotions where you make less than inflation each year?

Finally use your earning potential for influence, lifestyle, and sustainable wealth. Join us today to learn what schools don't know to teach and the rich politicians don't want you to know. Financial freedom awaits you ?

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What You Find Here at Sustainable Wealth Secrets

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What can a former dead broke entrepreneurs teach you about boosting income, opportunity, and even sustaining wealth? Over the years I've interview hundreds of wealthy individuals. Even worked closely with many of them.

Every Issue Focuses on Practical Wealth Building

It's those volumes of insights that turned my situation around the minute I stopped having a pity party over my situation. Within a month my income doubled, then doubled again. From nearly six figures to zero then back to six figures in two years with simple methods.

The private side of Sustainable Wealth Secrets is NOT an investment newsletter. Instead it provides a mastermind for now more than one-hundred paid subscribers. Each month I publish time tested wealth building insights.

You won't find financial news here. Most financial news is about providing a platform to advertise Fortune 500 brands and financial services. I'm neither of those. My focus in helping a small group of high income professionals and entrepreneurs to grow wealth — I don't serve the masses.

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Justin Hitt
Publisher / Consultant

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